Marek Norman

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Canadian Musicals By Marek Norman

  • Emily (with Richard Ouzounian)
  • Dracula: A Chamber Musical (with Richard Ouzounian)
  • The Grand Adventure (with Richard Ouzounian)
  • Larry’s Party (with Richard Ouzounian)
  • Love’s Labours Lost (with Richard Ouzounian)
  • Wanderlust (with Morris Panych)

Dance Works by Marek Norman

  • Oliver Button Is A Sissy
  • The Lover
  • The Tin Soldier

Songs by Marek Norman

Three of Marek’s songs are featured in the Field Of Stars Songbooks

  • “Disappointed House” from Emily
  • “Let The Night Begin” from Dracula: A Chamber Musical
  • “Ashes To Ashes” from Larry’s Party

The following songs will soon be available for purchase.

  • from Dracula: A Chamber Musical (written with Richard Ouzounian)
    • “Dreams Of Darkness”
    • “I Will Shelter You”
    • “If You Love Me Now”
    • “Just One More Night”
    • “Oh, Precious Father”
  • from Emily (written with Richard Ouzounian)
    • “Another Rainbow”
    • “The Dream Begins”
    • “This Island”
  • from Larry’s Party (written with Richard Ouzounian)
    • “Look At The Sky”
    • “Part Of Me”
    • “Pieces Of My Life”

News about Marek Norman

Dracula: A Chamber Musical (written with Richard Ouzounian) is part of the 2019 Season at The Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia October 15-27, 2019