Cathy Elliott

Cathy Elliott could do virtually anything. Read some of the appreciations below to get an idea of how immensely talented and respected she was. I knew her in many capacities, including as a friend, but I worked with her in so many of her creative capacities – as writer, composer, performer, teacher, graphic designer, set designer, and costume designer. And the list could go on…

She died tragically, and at a point when her career seemed to be taking off in so many different and extraordinary ways.

This page will focus on her work as a writer and composer of Canadian musicals.

The Canadian Musicals Of Cathy Elliott

  • Fireweeds
  • Moving Day
  • Moll (with Leslie Arden)
  • Starlight Tours (with Leslie Arden)
  • The Talking Stick
  • Lonecloud

The Songs Of Cathy Elliott

Piano/Vocals of these songs are available in the Field Of Stars Songbooks.
I hope to offer more songs on this page as they become available.

“Jack’s House” from Fireweeds. Julain Molnar, Vocal. Cathy Elliott, Piano
One of the most performed songs from the Field Of Stars Songbooks!
“Love At First Sight” from Fireweeds. Janet MacEwan, vocal. Konrad Pluta, Piano
“Stuck In Orbit” from Moving Day. Cathy Elliott, Vocal. Konrad Pluta, Piano

Articles and Memories About Cathy Elliott