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Northern River (Tom Thomson( National Gallery Of Canada

This is my personal site promoting the writers and shows of The Canadian Musical Theatre. My focus will be on the earlier eras of the Canadian Musical, partly because many of the newer shows and younger writers have their own websites, or at least have a stronger presence on the web.

This site will, I hope, pay tribute to some of the pioneers of Canadian Musical Theatre and some of the shows that in my opinion deserve to better remembered and more frequently produced.

I stress again that this is a personal project, and not meant to be a definitive list of everyone and everything of merit in The Canadian Musical Theatre.

I will continue to add pages here about individual writers and shows as I find the time between working on my own writing projects.

I will also try to include links to existing material, and to offer some access to scripts, audio and sheet music.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism. 

For more information about my works, you can visit http://www.jimbetts.ca

Or click here if you’re looking for links to Field Of Stars (Volumes 1 &2).


Jim Betts

Contact: jimbetts@northernriver.com