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    "I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!" CBC Radio

    Standing Ovations!
    "Makes you want to stand up and cheer" The Guardian, PEI

    Whistling, Stamping, Cheering!
    "Miraculous! Thrilling" Hamilton Spectator

    Audiences Love 
    Charlotte Moore
    Frank MacKay
    Terry Hatty
    Dan Mackay

    "Rise Again!
    Rise Again!
    Though your heart it be broken
    And life about to end.
    No matter what you've lost,
    Be it a home, a love, a friend,
    Like the Mary Ellen Carter,
    Rise Again!"
    from "The Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers
    (Printed with permission of Fogarty's Cove Music)

    A MATTER OF HEART is a theatrical celebration of the Songs and Stories of Canadian Legend Stan Rogers. 

    The show, featuring a company of 10 singers and musicians, has now played successfully at the Charlottetown Festival, Theatre Aquarius, the Jane Mallett Theatre in Toronto, Thousand Islands Playhouse and Theatre Orangeville, where it had its World Premiere in 1998.

    Originally conceived by Diane Stapley and Vince Metcalfe, "A Matter Of Heart" is not just a wonderful celebration of the songs of one of Canada's most powerful writers, it is also a celebration of Canada and Canadians. 

    A Canadian Tour of "A Matter Of Heart" is now being booked for 2002-2003.

    With its life-affirming themes, its passionate songs of determination and optimism, this is a show that resonates powerfully in the context of our current national and international difficulties. 

    This is a show every Canadian deserves to see.


    What's been said about the show

    "A joyous celebration"
         The Charlottetown Guardian
    "A Dream Come True"
         Hamilton News
    "The music shines"
         The Globe and Mail
    "Don't even think of missing A Matter Of Heart"
         The Hamilton Spectator

    "The show is a crowd-pleaser...  Filled to overflowing with Rogers' often lilting and raucous tunes, it is not a book musical -- but considering Rogers' talent in creating vibrant characters and simple storylines in songs, most people aren't likely to notice. From the bitter young casualty of Barrett's Privateers to the displaced Maritimer of The Idiot through the oh-so-modern heroine of Workin' Jo and the competing life visions of two young men in Lock-Keeper, Rogers himself provided more than enough characters and vignettes to provide the dramatic tension for several shows." 
         The Toronto Sun

    "A textbook example of how to do things right.  Everything comes together the way it should in this production, casting, direction, set design, lighting, everything works.  There are several moments in this show that will make you want to stand up and cheer, from Moore's spectacular version of White Squall and Frank Mackay's window-rattling take on Try Like The devil to Hatty's performance of Last Watch and Dan MacKay's duet with Frank MacKay on Lockeeper." 
         The Charlottetown Guardian

    "Perhaps the review that matters most comes from the audience. Here's what some of its members had to say... "Incredible!"; "Phenomenal!"; "A fine tribute to a Canadian legend"; "Fast-paced entertainment"; "My God, you really get your money's worth."; "This is such a refreshing change from the over-blown, over-produced mega-musicals."; "I would love to see how audiences in Halifax or Cape Breton would react to this show."; "A gem"; "Not to be missed"; "A stage-full of talent"; "I'll go back to see it again, I hope others will too"; and, from a friend of Stan Rogers, "Stan would have been pleased and proud.".  That's great, because the rest of us sure were." 
         Hamilton "701"

    "There is a celebration there, not just of a massively talented born-and-bred Hamilton songwriter and singer, but of a music that is particularly Canadian." 
         Hamilton Spectator Editorial

    What's been said about the Performers

    "Let us praise Charlotte Moore, praise her for warmth, depth, stillness, and a single malt voice that pours forth rich and true. When she's on stage, the sun is shining on Stan Rogers - A Matter Of Heart.''. 
         Toronto Star

    Charlotte Moore is "so smooth, expressive, mischievous, plain, sexy, elegant, sultry, ordinary, whatever-she-wants-
    to-be, that one could conclude she's actually triplets (or more). 

    Terry Hatty is "outstanding".

    Frank MacKay is "spectacular".

    "Handsome" Dan Mackay "kindles each and every heart in the theatre with "Song of the Candle".

    Read more Reviews on The Stan Rogers Site.


    is available in its full 
    Theatrical Version
    as well as in a new 
    Concert Version

    Bookings are being accepted for full Regional Theatre runs and for more limited runs in both the Theatrical and Concert Versions.
    For more information on available dates, 
    and on the different Cost Options, 
    for A MATTER OF HEART, please contact

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    Frank MacKay
    Charlotte Moore
    Terry Hatty
    Dan Mackay

    Bob Ashley
    Paul Mills

    Real Audio Samples
    Of The Original Cast Recording


    Charlottetown Festival 
    Production Credits
    Summer 2001

    All Music and Lyrics by Stan Rogers

    Director Jim Betts
    Original Director Diane Stapley
    Musical Director Bob Ashley
    Assistant Director/Choreographer Susan Gattoni
    Associate Musical Director Paul Mills

    Set Designer Allan Wilbee
    Costume Designer Gaye Gardiner
    Lighting Designer Elizabeth Asselstine
    Sound Designer Kevin MacLean

    Frank McKay 
    Dan Mackay 
    Terry Hatty 
    and Charlotte Moore

    Stage Manager Jane Butler
    Assistant Stage Manager Judy Joe

    Keyboards and Conductor Bob Ashley
    6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, and Banjo Paul Mills
    6 string guitar, Electric guitar and Mandolin Bobby Edwards
    Fiddle, Accordion Janet Munson
    Bass Kenny Downe
    Drums and Percussion Dave Sheppard

    Written by Jim Betts, Diane Stapley and Vince Metcalfe
    Arrangements and Orchestrations by  Bob Ashley, Paul Mills and Doug Balfour

    Original concept by Diane Stapley and Vince Metcalfe 

    For Lock-Keeper Productions
    Executive Producer Jim Betts
    Associate Producer Ariel Rogers
    Producers Rudy Webb, Marlene Smith and Catherine Knights
    Production Manager Kim Marchessault
    Business Manager Paul Simmons
    Technical Director Michael Hodge
    Stage Management Jennifer Stobart and Mollie Jacques

    Thank-you to Ariel Rogers, Kate Henderson, Cathy Knights, York University, Cathy Reid, David Nairn, Theatre Orangeville, Greg Wanless and Thousand Islands Playhouse, Theatre Aquarius, The Jane Mallett Theatre, Barbara Crook, Paul Mills, Chris Corrigan, Bertha Betts, Richard and Mary Lita Fearon, Ken and Martha Pagel, Jimmy Fuller, Paul Simmons, Daryl and Marilyn Logan, Bruce Dean, Greg Reed, Nancy & Derek Phillips, Glen Knights, Ric Waugh, Jim Blackwell, Jeff Hyslop, Doug Balfour, Frank Moore, Janet MacEwen, Suzanne Bennett, Brian McKay, Stephen Woodjetts, Laura-Lynn Reid, Mike Deschambeault, Amy Cummings, Bridget Steiss, John Lott and so many others

    STAN ROGERS ï A MATTER OF HEART was originally produced by Theatre Orangeville, June 1998

    is produced by special arrangement with Fogarty's Cove Music

    Song List

    ACT I

    Rise Again
    Fogarty's Cove 
    Barrett's Privateers 
    White Squall 
    The Wreck Of The Athens Queen
    MacDonnell On The Heights
    The House of Orange 
    Forty-Five Years 
    Workin' Jo 
    Song of the Candle 
    Fisherman's Wharf
    Finch's Complaint
    Make And Break Harbour
    The Jeannie C.
    Free In The Harbour
    Fisherman's Wharf (Reprise)
    Acadian Saturday Night 

    ACT II

    Northwest Passage
    The Idiot
    Tiny Fish For Japan
    Lies/The Field Behind The Plow
    Night Guard 
    Half Of A Heart
    Try Like The Devil Last Watch
    Rise Again/Northwest Passage (Reprise)
    A Matter Of Heart 
    The Mary Ellen Carter 

    Running Order Subject To Change



    The painting is 
    Northern River
    by Canadian artist 
    Tom Thomson.

    Tom Thomson (1877-1917)
    Northern River, 1914-15
    Oil on canvas, 115.1 x 102 cm 
    National Gallery of Canada, 
    Ottawa, ON. Canada


    Northern River Arts And Entertainment
    Contact us at

    (The Songs & Stories Of Canadian Legend Stan Rogers)


    Charlottetown Festival Credits
    Cast Recording
    Real Audio Samples