Developing Great Canadian Musicals

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ScriptLab, a not-for-profit organization with a 15 year history of developing new work in Toronto, is making a new three-year commitment to the development of the works and the artists of the Canadian Musical Theatre.

This three-year commitment will include initiatives to:
  1. create and develop new Canadian Musicals;
  2. reexamine and redevelop existing and "classic" Canadian Musicals;
  3. establish creative teams for these development projects that include artists from all four theatre organizations - Equity, Musician's Association, Playwrights Guild and Associated Designers;
  4. develop not only the works themselves, but the skills, knowledge and experience of all the contributing artists;
  5. promote and showcase the works and artists of the Canadian Musical Theatre - including special concerts, "Sing & Tells" and "Show & Sells";
  6. create a training program for aspiring Canadian Musical Theatre librettists, composers & lyricists - based on the models of i) the Toronto Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshops and ii) the ensuing Toronto workshops sponsored by The Guild Of Canadian Musical Theatre Writers - in association with the existing BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in New York;
  7. create Canadian Musical Theatre Archives - scripts, scores, recordings;
  8. publish Vocal Selection books of Canadian Musical Theatre works;
  9. record and release CDs of Canadian Musical Theatre works; and
  10. act as an advocate for the works and the artists of the Canadian Musical Theatre.